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Get with the Times – Heavy Metal Guitar Lessons Online in 2015 February 12, 2015

Heavy metal and it’s fans (us included) need to stay up with modern times. This means not staying in the 1980’s, both mentally and technologically. We all love the early days of heavy metal, but it’s time to keep up with the jones’, at least a little bit. Technology has advanced and with it comes some changes to music (not just Napster or Spotify) but also to education and how to learn the play musical instruments, without the need for an in-person professional.

So for all budding guitarists and heavy metal enthusiasts, the grand old internet has now brought us a new advantage, that is, being able to take heavy metal guitar lessons online. No more looking for a instructor that has a clue about shredding, the web is an easy way to find specialist instructors, lesson plans, guitar theory and overall music education resources.

So we at Distortion Project have put together a list of some of the best places to find online guitar lessons in the heavy metal, death metal and shredding genre. Take a gander and less us know if this helps you find your way in the path of becoming a heavy metal god.

About.com Guitar Section

About.com has a large resource section for guitar and guitar playing, which include a heavy metal section. They collect a bunch of content from around the web as well as having some original stuff with experts/instructors/etc. Pretty handy site to keep in your bookmarks.

Heavy Metal Guitar

Guitar Shack – Guitar Shack is pretty much what the name entails (well, almost). It’s not an actual shack but its a good use of your time to just browse through it and see what it has to offer, which includes a heavy metal section. Another great candidate for a bookmark and a frequent visit. They have decent lessons and the write-ups are pretty spot on (in my amatuer-ish opinion).

That’s it for now, I hope you’ve found some of this useful, I would recommend all the budding guitar gods out there to take some time and watch a few lesson videos, read some guitar tabs, and get used to some of the concepts necessary to crush it, time and time again, on stage or in the studio.

We need the younger generation to take up the reins and take the heavy metal shred far into the 21st century. Don’t let us down, kids! The internet is a great place, so use it for what it’s worth, get some online metal guitar in your life.

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Rabid Bitch of the North “Defending Two Castles” Cassette Release, with Zlatanera + Cutter February 3, 2014

The Distortion Project is proud to announce the launch gig for the brand new release from RABID BITCH OF THE NORTH. Entitled “Defending Two Castles” this 3 track cassette contains 2 brand new songs – “Defending Two Castles” and “Sysaphus” and a re-working of an old classic “Us Against Them” This release highlights a faster, stronger and more aggressive Rabid Bitch since stripping down to a 3 piece, and is sure to please older fans, as well as newcomers to the band. “Defending Two Castles” is coming out on the excellent and well established underground Irish Label SARLACC PRODUCTIONS, and is a teaser for a 5 track vinyl, which will be out later this year. It’ll be available at the show, directly from the band themselves and from Sarlacc. Full shoe details below:

“Rabid Bitch Of The North” are a Hard Rock/Metal band from Belfast , Northern Ireland. We believe in a no bullshit approach and our music is fast, furious and heavy. For fans of Motorhead, Judas Priest, Saxon, Venom, Accept, U.D.O, Satan/Pariah, The Rods, Witchfynde, Tank, Artillery, Warfare, Ac/dc, Angelwitch, More, Rogue Male, Gaskin, Witchfinder General.


Special Guests:

New band featuring former members of RESIDUAL EFFECT, STAND-UP GUY, INTERROGATE and NO GRACE GIVEN, and one of the most exciting prospects that Northern Ireland has produced in years! For fans of CATHEDRAL, ORANGE GOBLIN, CLUTCH.

Slick and dirty heavy rock band from Belfast. For fans of DANZIG, THE CULT, TYPE O NEGATIVE


Saturday 1st March 2014
The Stiff Kitten, Bankmore Square, Belfast.
Doors 5pm
Admission: £5.00

Drinks Promos too!

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Type O Negative Tribute band BLOODY KISSES Return to Belfast for the 1st Time in 2 Years to Mark 4th Anniversary Since the Passing of Pete Steele January 11, 2014

The Distortion Project is incredibly proud to present this very special show, commiserating the 4th anniversary of the passing of legendary Type O Negative frontman Peter Steele. Stunningly accurate and sonically devastating Type O tribute band BLOODY KISSES will perform a stellar set of the great man’s best work. This will be BLOODY KISSES first Belfast show in over 2 years, so come and join us as we engage in some of the finest gothic infused heavy metal ever produced and respectfully mark the passing of …a man who can rightly be described as legend. Details below:

Peter Steele. January 4th 1962 – April 10th 2010


Plus support TBC

Saturday 12th April 2014
The Limelight 2, Belfast
Doors **5pm**
Admission: £8.00 – pay on the door


Absolut – £2.00
Jager – £2.00
Jack Daniels – £2.00
Bottles of Stella – £2.50
Bottles of Magners – £2.50


Named after the second album of Brooklyn Gothic rockers Type O Negative, Bloody Kisses was initially formed in 2010 by guitarist Christian Stynes and vocalist/bassist Muiris Ó Fiannachta after an impromptu immitation of Type O Negative’s classic Black No. 1 single involving an acoustic guitar, a low baratone vocal line and snapping fingers (if you don’t get the references search for the video of the song online). Soon after keyboardist Linda Quinlan joined the fold along with drummer Bob Ryan.

Though initially penned as a once-off set of cover versions, the idea of forming a fully-fledged tribute act to Type O Negative and Pete Steele (who passed away tragically in April 2010) came to fruition.

The band – all self-proclaimed Type O Negative fanatics, quickly set themselves a target of preparing two special shows to coincide with the 1st anniversary of the passing of Pete Steele – a musician who many within the broader heavy metal genre (as well as further afield) regard as a genius song-writer and whose death brought shock and sadness to the metal community worldwide.

Although it would seem obvious, the band are keen to point out that they are merely attempting to honour the memory of one of their favourite musicians:

“People have mixed feelings about tribute bands, and all of us in the band are the exact same,” says Ó Fiannachta. “At the end of the day, all we are doing is playing a set of songs which someone else wrote and made famous. We are keenly aware of that. We genuinely hope that we are doing so in as true and as respectful a way as is possible. Just like us, if you are a Type O Negative fan, you will have been devastated at Pete’s death. We just want to give some of the powerful and beautiful music he created another airing in a live setting and pay tribute to the greatness of the man and of the band. Type O Negative no longer exist as an entity but if you love their music as much as we do we hope you’ll enjoy hearing an enthusiastic bunch of fans playing the songs in a live environment.”

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Heavens Basement return to Belfast December 4, 2013

The Distortion Project Proudly Presents




Thursday 21st March 2014
Voodoo Belfast, 9-11 Fountain Street
Doors: 7pm.

Tickets (£13) will be on sale on Friday 6th December from all Ticketmaster outlets.

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Sinocence to destroy Limelight 2! October 27, 2013

The Distortion Project proudly presents:





Saturday 14th December
The Limelight 2, Belfast
Doors 5pm
Admission: £5.



Absolut – £2.00
Jager – £2.00
Jack Daniels – £2.00
Bottles of Stella – £2.50
Bottles of Magners – £2.50

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